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The Future of the CLO - 2021

The Future of the CLO - 2021

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To no one’s surprise, 2021 was a year of adjustment as almost every employed person has had to adapt to a new and less certain work environment and structure. It is also no surprise that the role of Chief Learning Officer has taken on added dimensions and established itself as one of the core strategy positions within the C-Suite.

What has been clear over the past 24 months is that CLOs and their departments have risen in stature as they work to find and maintain stability for their organizations. The analysis represented here is only a picture of a fast moving vehicle - helpful in showing direction and speed but not yet able to offer a final destination.

Nearly 500 learning leaders and talent executives shared their thoughts on the duties, responsibilities, career paths and aspirations of today’s current and future CLOs. Discover key insights in this inaugural report.

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