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2022 LearningElite Best Practices and Benchmarking Report

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Now in its 12th year, the LearningElite program has become an industry benchmark and bellwether for the L&D community. Each year the LearningElite Best Practices and Benchmarking Report captures and shares innovations and best practices from top learning and development practitioners and industry-leading organizations worldwide. 

This year’s LearningElite Report provides its readers with:

  • A complete list of all ranked 2022 LearningElite organizations, Editor’s Choice winners and Winner’s Circle members.
  • Aggregated demographic data of all 2022 LearningElite entrants, examined by the five LearningElite dimensional pillars.
  • Trend data from the past decade of LearningElite programs.
  • Highlights of the best and most unique practices among all dimensional pillars of the LearningElite model.
  • A comprehensive research-informed profile of the performance of an average 2022 LearningElite organization.

Data Usage Policy & Proper Citation of Data and Analysis