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April 14, 2021

Accelerating at the Speed of Light: Tech Trends and Challenges in 2021 

Data from a recent McKinsey Global Survey of executives suggest that the COVID-19 crisis is a technology tipping point of historic proportions and that more changes will be required as the economic and human situation evolves. This half-day virtual event will explore what this extreme acceleration has meant for learning and development, and what the future might look like as we slowly emerge from the global pandemic. Featuring panels, interviews, TED-style talks and networking with chief learning officers and learning practitioners from the banking and financial services and technology sectors, discussion will focus on the increased reliance on technology for L&D, the challenges leaders face in finding (and gaining budget approval for) the right tools for their organizations, and the difficulties of training a multi-generational workforce to use those technologies.

Panel 1: Pivoting Amid Pandemic: Learning & Development in the Tech Sector 

While the rest of the economy has struggled to survive the impacts of COVID-19, the technology domain is in a unique position, poised to respond to organizational needs in crisis management, supply chain management, remote work and collaboration, financial reporting, tax compliance and more. In so many ways, the tech industry has helped people and companies stay connected and keep their businesses afloat during these difficult times. But that does not mean the sector has been immune to the challenges of the pandemic. Join this panel discussion with learning leaders from the tech sector who will focus on how their teams stepped up within their firms to respond to the pandemic and its immediate challenges, how their role is changing as organizations begin recovering from the crisis, and how the sector will be forever changed going forward. 

Panel 2: Reimagining L&D in Banking and Financial Services

The banking and financial services sector, like all industries, has faced a wide array of challenges during the past year. In addition to ensuring clear communication to retain their clients’ trust, addressing growing cybersecurity issues and being mindful of compliance responsibilities, investment in digital and analytics capabilities has been crucial, and will continue to be going forward. This not only requires changes to current culture and operations, but also the development of new workforce skills. This panel will feature chief learning officers and learning practitioners from banking and financial services firms who will discuss how they are upskilling and reskilling employees to ensure they have key digital talent in place for the future, as well as how they have reimagined learning and development offerings and delivery amid these incredibly tumultuous times.

May 12, 2021

Learning & Development: On the Front Lines 

Among the many lessons that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the extreme value and dedication — often unsung prior to 2020 — of our frontline workforce. This half-day virtual event will feature panels, interviews, TED-style talks and networking with chief learning officers and learning practitioners in health care and other critical infrastructure operations. These leaders will share how they have been able to pivot their learning function to get learners the information they need in an immediate time frame and under extreme duress, as well as how fear and stress among workers required to be on the front lines of the pandemic have affected their ability to learn and preserve their mental health.

Panel 1: Learning Heroes: Supporting Health Care Workers During COVID-19

Our health care workers have always been heroes, but this has perhaps never been more evident than during the COVID-19 crisis. Over months and months of uncertainty, crushing workload, medical supply shortages and fear, they’ve shown up each day, risking their lives to save the lives of others. Learning leaders from the healthcare industry will join us for this panel to discuss how they have been able to train staff to treat COVID patients quickly, remotely, and in a time when everyone is overworked and overstressed, as well as help them understand and adhere to recommended infection control practices and protect their own health.

Panel 2: Essential Learning for the Essential Workforce

When we think of the front-line workers who have bravely faced the threats of COVID-19 head-on, those in health care roles and first responders often are the first to spring to mind. But there have been many heroes of this pandemic in other essential roles, including — but certainly not limited to — people in food service, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and media. L&D professionals from some of these industries will join us for this panel, where they will talk about how typical training efforts have changed since the onset of the pandemic, whether fear and stress among workers required to be on the front lines have affected their ability to learn, and how they are prioritizing employees’ physical and mental health.

June 9, 2021

Resilience Through Crisis and Recovery

Many industries have been heavily battered by dampened demand, closures and layoffs this past year. How have those workforces weathered the storm — and what happens next? During this half-day virtual event, chief learning officers and practitioners from the hospitality and travel industries and energy sector will discuss how they have struggled to remain resilient — how they are keeping learning effective amid crisis, stress and anxiety; how reskilling and cross-skilling a smaller pool of workers to fill gaps has grown as a priority; what slashed budgets have meant for L&D programs; and the challenges learning leaders and the learners themselves face as closures are lifted and demand returns.

Panel 1: Keeping Learning Alive Amid Extreme Hardship

McKinsey research suggests that in the hospitality industry, recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023 — or later. Hotels, airlines and the tourism sector have been hit especially hard, struggling with mass layoffs, budget cuts and new training challenges related to sanitation efforts and personal safety. In this panel, learning practitioners from these industries will discuss the many challenges they have faced, including reskilling and cross-skilling a smaller pool of workers, how L&D budgets have been affected, training efforts related to new safety and health requirements, and what these workforces are doing to prepare themselves for the future.

Panel 2: Trials, Tribulations and Transformation in the Energy Sector

Energy demand has diminished with the great economic contraction resulting from COVID-19, and this has been accompanied by financial stress and disruptions to the power supply chain. Learning leader panelists will discuss what has changed in their companies’ learning and development efforts over the past 15 months, how they are keeping learning effective amid crisis and among a stressed and anxious workforce, and the short- and long-term implications they see for the future.

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